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96 Wagon Code P0300, running rich


My '96 wagon with the LT1 has been running a little rough lately, and stinks (like gas) from the driver's side exhaust. Throwing code P0300 and flashing the SES light now and then.

This started about 4 months ago and so I did what any reasonable person would do and replaced the expensive optispark...go figure, the problem persists. Like I mentioned, only the driver's side exhaust stinks. I took a look at the plugs and sure enough, the drivers side all have some level of oily deposits on them while the pass. side plugs are all clean and dry. Having trouble understanding what would cause this - bad driver's side O2 sensor?

I checked fuel pressure key-on and it was good (44 psi), only lost about 5 psi after 15 minutes. Checked the coil and IAC-valve resistances, all good. Couldn't find any vacuum leaks (even so, doubt that would only affect one bank of cylinders).

Appreciate your insights.


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