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How do I apply the sidewall decals?
The sidewall of the tyre must be very clean, and very dry. I usually add them when the wheel is complete so as not to damage the delicate decals.

The decals are reversed and it is hard to see where you are placing them, so they must be cut to shape, as close to the writing as possible.

Remove the tissue protection film and place the decal dry onto the dry tyre. Then apply lots of water onto the film using a small brush, and leave for a few minutes. Repeat the process once more and then press on the whole decal with a finger in a sure, positive action. As you remove your finger the paper usually moves with it, leaving the decal nicely stuck on the tyre. With a wet brush make sure all the decal film is sitting on the tyre and not raised by the rim. Leave to dry before touching.

I heard you can get good results by airbrushing Tamiya matt lacquer over the tyre sidewall, but I have yet to try this.
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