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Hello from NZ

There's several firms in New Zealand building Clubman's along the lines of the Lotus Seven. These include Chevron, Beattie and Leach.

Purists would cringe but some of the quicker Chevron's feature bridge-ported 13B Mazda Rotary Power but the majority use naturally aspirated Ford or Toyota powered piston engines mainly from 1600cc to 2000cc.

However, the firm which I am familiar is Fraser Cars which builds a variety of Clubmans. Most are Toyota 3SGE powered 2.0 litres (which have been warmed over for a bit more punch), there is a 'decaf' which is a slightly narrower version powered by Suzuki Cappucino drive train - this enables it be exported as a partially finished kit to Japan as Kei micro car (this enables them to save on taxes).

The two quickest Frasers I am aware of are interesting too. There is a Ford Probe powered 2.5 litre alloy V6 and another with a 3SGTE which runs a turbocharged Toyota MR2 engine. The latter is evidently good for 0-100 kmh in 3.7 seconds on treaded road tyres and 100-0 in 2.9 seconds so it's a sub 7 for 0-100-0 kmh (independent magazine test). That's quick by any yard stick - old or modern...

The New Zealand Clubman Owners run a racing series for their cars around various tracks around the country.
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