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Throttle Code

Hi everyone,

I just found out this forum and THANK YOU ALL for all the help you provide to each other

I am having some problems with my Chevy Malibu 2009 LS 2.4L with the code P2135. The car shakes and everything and the engine light is on, engine power reduced and stability traction. I am trying to figure out what is the problem exactly and try to fix it. I have already cleaned up the throttle body since that seemed to be the main problem online but I am trying to figure out if there is a sensor problem that I need to replace or connection issue because I read a lot of people replaced several parts and then still had the problem.

So these are the data I have and I really appreciate any help you can give

P2135 (Throttle / Pedal Posiion Sensor / Switch A/B Voltage Coorelation

Freeze Frame Readings:
FUELSYS2: N/A (since I have a 2.4 engine so no second system)
LOAD_PCT(%): 29.4
ECT(F): 144
SHRTFT1(%): -3.1
LONGFT1(%): -0.8
MAP(inHg): 10.0
RPM(/min): 990
VSS(mph): 0
IAT(F): 52
MAF(lb/min): 0.663
TP(%): 20.8
RUNTM(sec): 33
EVAP_PCT(%): 0.0
FLI(%): 40.4
CLR_DIST(mile): 0
EVAP_VP(inH2O): 0.440
BARO(inHg): 30.1
CATEMP11(F): 924.80
VPWR(V): 14.965
LOAD_ABS(%): 24.0
EQ_RAT: 0.999
TP_R(%): 6.3
AAT(F): 32
TP_B(%): 25.9
APP_D(%): 17.6
APP_E(%): 8.6
TAC_PCT(%): 9.4

Please if you are a mechanic or had a problem like this before please let me know. I appreciate any help or suggestion or recommendation.
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