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Re: Intermittent starting

Originally Posted by Bunky1267 View Post
Headlights only dim a little bit when clicking ,
Only 7.81 to the starter small post. 12.45 volts to big post
Originally Posted by Bunky1267 View Post
if we jump across the solenoid it works
Time to fix the high-resistance in the "S" terminal wire circuit between ignition switch and the starter solenoid.

This could be a problem with the contacts in the ignition switch, or the contacts in the neutral safety switch. It could be a problem with connections anywhere in the power supply to the ignition switch, or from ign. switch to "S" terminal. It could also be a heavily-corroded wire.

Lots of folks use the existing, semi-rotted harness to trigger a relay (Ford-style solenoid, or Bosch-style small relay) that supplies full power to the "S" terminal. I've done it myself.

For the record, 12.45 volts to the large post on the starter is nothing to write home about. You should have 12.6--12.7 volts. Most likely, the battery is under-charged. Charge battery and re-test.
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