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Re: Good ol days!!

Glad you still love the cars man!
Can't believe we are old now man lol. I just turned 38
Years old on the 19th.
I actually have a pretty crazy story as to why I stopped street racing.
My fiance allowed me to buy a vehicle I could do yard work and house work with, while also being able to have some fun. Bought a 2014 Ram Laramie 5.7L V8 Hemi putting out 395HP & 410Lbs of TQ. Nice base to build on.
Gonna get her to 550 to 600HP. Which is not what it used to be in our day.
Dude I can't believe... I never in a million years would have thought back in 2004 that Dodge would one day make a Dodge demon that's capable of literally running 10's in the 1320. I mean that's just insane!! Back in our day they would not dare make something faster than the viper... times have changed!! Lol.
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