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Re: Good ol days!!

I saw your post and I almost thought it was someone bringing up an old thread until I saw it only had one post.

Good to see you. Sorry to hear about the cancer. I hope you can continue to recover.

Yes, I am still here. I still have my Stealth but it is in a million pieces at the moment. I actually parked it 6 years ago when I grenaded transmission #5. Due to money constraints I wasn't able to get anything done for the longest time. Ironically losing my job two years ago motivated me to get moving on it.

I started with what was supposed to be a few week project and ended up going full bore. Engine bay is bare. Engine is on stand ready to go. Transmission just needs bearing preload set and will be ready. Bay has been repainted, suspension rebuilt, calipers stripped down, sandblasted and repainted. They are just waiting on their rebuild kit and will be reassembled. The list goes on.
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