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Good ol days!!

WOW..... Its been a loooooong time since ive been in here.
Lots of memories man. This website was my life!!
Good ol days. When i tell people ive been in over 400 street races they have a hard time believing me lol.

Wow... First Moderator in this section was the Well respected and legendary Yogsvr4!
Then me, then igovert500 and then i went before all the other moderators and the owner of the site igor.... I told them stealthee needed to help me run this joint. Stealthee it was

GOD!!!! I loved this place!!!

SMH.... so I ended up with pancreatic cancer exactly one year from today I had a surgery called the Whipple surgery that last 9 hours. I made it I'm alive but my life will never be the same or should I set my quality of life will never be the same and I deal with immense pain regularly. But I'm alive and I'm okay just in case any of my old friends in here sees this

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