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Cool 91 Stealth srats for 10 seconds and stops. Car may still be in limp mode.

I have a 91 stealth ES that I have been working on for over a year that had been setting for a number of years. I drained the tank have replaced the full fuel pump assembly, fuel pump relay and fuel filter got it running with no transmission issues. Took it to a shop for full tune up but it came out being stuck in 2nd gear and wanting to tow it a transmission shop to be rebuilt but I refused.

Got on the internet and found out about the limp mode safety feature and the cause is most likely a bad ECU so I have had the ECU rebuilt. The car will start but not stay running so I started checking codes. The result is I have installed a new crank angle sensor assembly, new Idle Air Control Valve and all 3 coils. I disconnect battery each time to reset ECU. When the car is turned on the first time but not being turned over it shows the ECU is fine. Then when I start the car it runs for a few seconds and you can hear the fuel pump relay click and it cuts off the gas. I still have my original relay and they both do the same thing. I can start is 20 times with the same result. I have ran the codes again and code 22 keeps coming up which is replacing the crank angle sensor assembly. I have not been able to test drive the car to see if it's out of limp mode sine I had the ECU work completed. I'm out of options and could really use some suggestions on how to get this corrected.
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