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Re: 01 Chevy Venture Cooling Fans & AC Not Working

Just the fact that you worked with the fan assembly, (moved it etc) was enough to finally crack the weak point.

That first photo you shared was one of mine back in 2005 btw.

I've changed probably 50 or more condensers on these vehicles- surprised yours lasted that long- you can do it okay, just have to pull fan assembly out first, then radiator/condenser together comes out- tranny lines can be a pain- need to remove spring clips inside quick connects- I've replaced condenser without pulling radiator- but that too is a pain- hard to get condenser line bracket off- only tried it once- cost me much more time, then pulling radiator. ECM comes out and laid back, air box is removed to get to condenser connections. Have yet to see a replacement condenser where you did not have to bend the heck out of the mounts to make it line up with bolt holes- more time. And yes, there is no mount hole at weak vibration point on replacements. It all depends on your ability and how determined you are to do the work.
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