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Re: Chevy vs Ford: What do you like better and why?

Originally Posted by Swigz View Post
For the longest time, I used to be a staunch Chevy supporter.

I knew all the acronyms for bashing on Ford and knew that in most cases, they were justified based on experiences I had with my father - who is a mechanic - fixing Ford vehicles.
Did you know FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily... that was one of the cleverest ones I've heard...

Originally Posted by Swigz View Post
For a long time, Ford was just unimpressive to me with their styling and their mechanics. Their trucks (the base models, not the Diesels made by International) were under-powered and unde-rtorqued with the most bland interior you could find. Their cars were ugly and and suffered the same problems as their truck counterparts. Even the mustangs, save for the high-performance models, were underwhelming.

However, lately I'm feeling more drawn to Ford than I am GM/Chevy. This is primarily because of what Moppie eluded to: They've made strides to get better, put out better products and market their vehicles. They are employing progressive technology and showing refinement of areas that they used to struggle with.

Meanwhile, Chevy has the Cruze and the Volt. And.... that's about it.

Realistically, I would have enjoyed seeing Chevy build on their more successful platforms instead of trying to retool them.
I would have to disagree with you here... Ford did make some interesting cars and did make really good engines. No doubt there were problems and stuff but most Ford fans would argue that GM customers had issues with some of their cars / trucks too... Which would make both sides equal. However the small block chevy engine did gain a lot of respect for being a cheap and easy engine to work with and was a fav among hot rodders on a tight budget; who even put them into their old Fords.
That said, I used to be a GM guy. Researched online and found that Ford too had remarkable engines, including the BOSS 429; which finding an original is about impossible.
Now I'm a fan of all great engines... SBC, BOSS and the HEMI.
I do agree that Ford has made leaps in implementing R&D where GM has only got concepts to show for and they didn't have to sell an Amercian brand to the Chinese to help themselves get out of debt.
I admit that Ford did a similar thing in selling a Jaguar to an Indian firm, but it worked out well for Jaguar in the end. The British are still in control of the engineering and design and they are building some awesome cars.... But have you seen any new Hummer models after the Chinese took over???
Kinda makes a non-blinged out H2 a classic in 5 years.

If you want an answer of Chevy vs Ford and which one I would choose, I would choose Ford. But I wouldn't rule out a Chevy Camaro from my dream list..
Enjoying the Alfa experience.....
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