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Re: Computer Codes "QDM"? 95' Riv

As Max said, you need to find out what items are being driven by the Quad Driver that set the code. This code usually sets when there is a voltage fault on a particular Quad Driver, due to a bad relay or solenoid, or whatever is being run off that driver. It could be a TCC solenoid, A/C relay, EGR, lots of possibilities, however, since you have code P1406 - EGR Valve Pintle Position Circuit, that helps to narrow it down somewhat. Before replacing parts, do as suggested, & check the wiring diagram for Quad Driver (QDM) 1 & 4.
Does anyone know what a QDM is??
The PCM controls most components with electronic switches that complete a ground circuit when turned on. When the switches are arranged in groups of 4, they can independently control up to 4 outputs and are called “Quad Driver Modules” (QDM). When the switches are arranged in groups of 7, they can independently control up to 7 outputs and are called Output Drivers.Hence the termOutput Driver Module” (ODM) Usually, not all the outputs are used.
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