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Canto Alike Super Car Prototype

A few month ago, i saw a sports car around the town look very much like a canto, first i thought was a replica or some how lamborghini built a Canto. But last Friday, i read about this car in the paper and it's a new exotic manufacture SXR's Prototype the Satan. It has the huge rear intaker. but look mainly like a McLaren F1 Strech GT. but the company isn't going to release the car until early next year!

Engine specs isn't too sure yet, but believe to be very powerful, it has the same driving configulation like the McLaren (centrel), and i think i saw the passenager seats can move out wards (not Sure)... many many more, i'll keep every one updated

BUt i have to say, this is the BEST car i've ever seen, and mostly It is going to be the next Generation of SUPER CARS!!!!!
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