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Re: Re: Re: R35 GT-R continued...

Originally Posted by VQuick
All Renault did was purchase 44% of Nissan for a 'controlling interest' to bail them out. Renault has had little effect on on the design of Nissans, especially those in the US. The Altima and Titan are US-built models, likely designed in the US as well. Blame Americans if you don't like the styling. The design chosen for the 350Z was done by an Indian guy from the UK by the name of Ajay a US studio.

To top it all off, guess what? The 'sweet' R34 was done while Renault was in control, too.

What Renault is really doing with Nissan is using their engines and some platforms. There have been at least two Renaults, the Vel Satis and Avantine, that have used Nissan's VQ V6. The Renault Fluence coupe concept is rather obviously based on the FM platform. The next Sentra may be based on the Renault Megane platform, which is pretty darn good. The Megane is also available in turbocharged RS form, with a 2L turbo I4 making 222hp, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for the next Sentra SE-R.

Don't you dare try saying that Carlos Ghosn is French, either. I've heard that one before. He's actually Brazilian, as if his ethnicity matters.

Wow a wealth of knowledge from me you get applause. Maybe that was just french bashing on my part (no not because they don't support Bush's war, it's because their flaming anti-sematism) Either way designed by the French, Americans, Japanese or Brazilians Nissans are now all pretty much ugly! Smart move by Renault to move to Nissan drivelines though.
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