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Re: Re: Automotive History trivia part III

Originally Posted by Chris
Im going to guess Duesenberg.....just as a guess, and because they were one of the most advanced cars in the world at the time.
If that was really just a was a damn good one! Duesenberg introduced idiot lights on its Model J in December of 1928 at the New York Auto Show. The car featured lights on the dash that would alert the owner as the the status of his engine's oil (like when it needed to be changed), and the status of the automatic chassis lubrication system (the system would flash when it was being operated, and when it needed oil). All the lights were operated mechanically and were activated by certain mileage points (every 1500 miles for the chassis system, 3000 to change the oil) or resevoirs (as with the chassis oil). Good guess! Now you ask a question.
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