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Re: Re: Automotive History trivia part III

Originally Posted by 2strokebloke
That's not actually a question, you have to ask one like this: What year did the VW beetle's engine's power output jump from 36hp to 40hp?

Whoever answers that question can ask the next one.
August 1965, but since that was the beginning of the 1966 model year, that would mean that only 1966 and on W Beetles would have the new (at that time) 40 hp 1285 cc engine, which had the same crankshaft as the bigger VW 1500 engine. Unlike rover, which never called the Cooper a '1300' VW distinguished the new engine with "1300" badges on the hood. These newer 1966 model year cars also featured the 1500's wheels, and larger turn signal indicators.
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