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Re: Italeri Ferrari 288 GTO 1:24

well, I find that the UV cuts down on the occasional blue effect you get when photographing on a white background in daylight.
I also find my camera finds it easier to get the right white/colour balance with it on when in daylight.
I use a single plane polariser as opposed to a circular polariser so I can rotate the filter to adjust/control the type of reflections I get and where-abouts on the body it is
i.e mostly on side of car or mostly on roof/top of car
depending on the shot so it's not really glare that I'm too concerned with.

Of course, I'm no photographer so the UV thing might be purely psychosomatic.

And I did go crazy polishing around the hood vents.
If you look closely, I went a bit too crazy and snapped one of the cross bars.
It normally sits back in place but in some of these it seems to have nudged out of position again.

And yes, I think this is an under-rated gem of a kit.
I have the Fujimi Enthusiast kit around somewhere but the thought of it and its little tiny pieces of very soft plastic and miniscule joins sends shivers down my spine.
If you want to be able to finish a 288GTO in reasonable time, this is the one to get.
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