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Re: Italeri Ferrari 288 GTO 1:24

I've never really been taken by the styling of these Ferrari's but you've got a very good looking model there with a wonderful paint job. In fact the paint still looks wet I'd probably go crazy polishing around the grills on the engine cover though.

Only because you mentioned it and because I am one of those interested, a UV filter will do nought to these type of photos. Technically speaking, you'll get optically better performance with it off. In a few of your photos that show the windows, there is evident 'rainbowing' which is likely due to the polariser not being at the correct angle to block the polarised light. Of course if you made the decision for it to look like that, then fair enough. Otherwise I would suggest rotating it until the glare is reduced to maximise the benefits of having the filter on. Apologies if you've already taken all the necessary steps....studying Photography, I enjoy getting to talk techie about cameras
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