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Re: Aston Martin DBR-9 (1:24) by Renaissance - Kit Review

I bought it too. sure there's a lot of work, and it needs some improvements but you can still wait for tamiya to release it one of these days.....
Renaissance isn't studio 27 or BBR, it's rougher , but I didn't bother to measure everything.It's the only kit you can get of the car, or then it will be 1/43. Too me it looks just a bit low and a bit too thin on the back. But hey.....

I'm kinda the same as you, looking for the details that go wrong, but on this one, I'm really pleased to have it so i'll say nothing on that.At least it exists, it has its littls flaws but renaissance has never said they're tamiya. A bit expensive sure....still better the some 50 euros kits assembled in 2 days with a metal chassis, no?
I hope you don' ttake it as an attack to you, it's not.
I'll start mine soon
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