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Aston Martin DBR-9 (1:24) by Renaissance - Kit Review

Finally, after seeing the model growing on the Renaissance homepage for weeks, I got the kit.
The kit looks great, lots of resin and etched parts, nice decals with CF, instructions on several pages (unfortunately only small b/w pics of the interior, coloured and bigger pics would help a lot)…

my first impression on this kit: FANTASTIC

So I started to look closer at the body and I took some reference photos of the 1:1 car.

The first eyecatching thing is the rough finish of the parts. Lots of cleaning is necessary

Next thing is the dash: those holes have different sizes and are not in a line, the angulary knobs at the bottom have not the same distance and are not in a line. There is a decal in the kit, but if you want a 3-d-effect, everything needs to be puttyed, sanded and scratchbuilt.

A very important thing is the roof: I calculated, that it is ca. 2,5 mm too narrow, further it „falls down“ to its rear right side (looking from front to rear)

The top of the left and right front wheel wells/fenders don´t have the same hight,

the nose seems not to be peaked enough,

from the Naca inlet to the outside of the rear fenders the is more than 1 mm difference between left and right side,

the rear wheel wells appear not equal on left and right side.

The fender in front of the doors should be vertikal. The left side tends to the middle of the car,

the area at the end of the front wheel wells (where the side skirt starts) should be corrected too. It appears too flat.The rear fenders around the Naca should be higher, also the wheel weels to get a good stance in relation to the front wheels.The side skirts in the direction backwards to the rear wheel wells should be reworked, the opening in the rear skirt over the diffusor appears too small.

The airvents on the hood have different distances to the hood engraving

The lower part of the rear fender (black ares) is too staight , they must fall under the car.
There is no hint what colour to use for the body or how to mix it ……….

So I see 2 possibilities for this kit:
either to build it as it comes out of the box (and don´t care of the real car) -that for sure means fun-
to correct the the body and that for sure means very very much work.

As I don´t intend to build a phantom racer, my issue will remain sitting on the self for the next time until I feel in the mood start this project.

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