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HOW TO: Engine management electronics (AFC).

1: Gather clear blue (or some sort of clear paint), silverchrome or aluminum paint, piece of .03" thick styrene or plastic card, an exacto, paintbrush, and bare metal foil (optional).

2. Cut styrene/ plastic card to desired size my suggested size shown below.

3. Cut half way through the styrene sheets to make buttons for the controls. You can make 2 or 3 button controls, or anything you want! suggested pattern below.

4. Paint with either silverchrome or aluminum paint. I double up some masking tape on top of an old paint jar to hold the piece in place.

5. (Optional) cut a small piece of BMF (bare metal foil) to make the screen. You don't have to do this you just have to paint it more carefully in the next step.

6. Paint clear blue (or other clear paint) on the BMF or in a rectangular shape on the control to make up the screen.

7. All finished! Here you can see a better one I made on the RX7 Dash.

Hope this helps and I hope to see some of these on your models!
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