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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

Originally Posted by Flood87 View Post
I have a 2000 Chevy Venture and did the gasket about 4 years ago. Looks like it has come back. Loosing coolant, pressure test is OK, carbon vapor test is OK. Has a rough idle and the temp. gage wanders between hot and cold at times.
If you used a new, good gasket (e.g., metal frame) I would not expect it to fail that fast. If you cannot find obvious evidence of gasket failure, such as coolant in oil or oil in coolant, I would be sure to check for other issues as well before tearing into the engine again. Rough idle and wondering temp gauge, and coolant loss could be something else, such as a failed temp sensor, or perhaps a couple thing like a leaking water pump seal and some other sensor.
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