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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

Originally Posted by beatnick60 View Post
Hello and Thanks to everyone!

My son and I are about to do this job tomorrow- and we are so glad to have the advice and precautions shared on this post!

Does anyone know where to get the best step-by-step instructions? I am planning on getting the Haynes Manual, but are there also any online?

Again, Thanks!
I'm assuming you have the 3.1. Go to and click on the "Articles" drawer on the toolbox at the left. You can read about the 3.4 intake replacement. I read this and this made alot of things clearer to me. If there are any, and I mean any things that you are not clear about, you should ask here and don't guess while you're doing the job. There's too much at stake to make a mistake. Good luck.
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