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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

If you have successfully done a water pump and routine fluids and filters replacement and maintenance you have the basic mechanic skills needed, provided you can work form written shop manuals and instructions. However, the LIM gasket is a much more involved undertaking and digs much deeper into the engine. If you are experienced and have the needed parts and tools and a good, warm garage, it can take the better part of a full day.

Works best if you have a FSM, or at least a good on line manual such as AlldataDIY, and study up a bit before you start. Read all the posts here and elsewhere regarding doing the job. (IMHO the typical Haynes or Chiltons manual is not adequate for this job.)

First time? than plan for at least 16 hours time actively working on the car. Take lots of photos in sequence as you disassemble the engine so you can study them to help get the parts, wiring, hoses, etc. back in the right locations. And store the parts you remove in a good, safe location marked as to where they came from and thus go back.

Once you open it up, the car is dead until you complete the job, and you may find you need additional replacement parts halfway through the job - e.g., if you break an injector. or need to replace plugs or wires.

However, DIY can save you several hundred dollars.
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