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Re: Hydrogen inside Air Intake increases Gas Mileage?

Yeah, I know your "one and only" thruths and chemical laws. And I know that this is very difficult to believe. What if you think about it on that side:

It uses energy, which comes from gasoline, to separate much, much more powerful fuel, hydrogen, from water. What would we get with hydrogen? Less temperature losses, much leaner mixture in the engine, less friction losses with cleaner engine. I believe that these are the ways that make the difference in fuel economy, not just the power of hydrogen vapor.

Hydrogen is most powerful fuel in the world, or can you deny that too? It means that you don't need it much to make a difference.

I am _not_ saying that the energy is coming out of nowhere. It is about using the energy inside of gasoline, smarter, to create hydrogen. And think about it, why would anyone write 400 pages full of crap, just to get good laughs about people's stupidness? Who are these over hundred people who have signed their name above it? And when did I mention any solar panels?

Yes. I have read the books. I also didn't believe it earlier. Try it.
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