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Infinity System ?

Got a question that may be dumb but who cares, I need some help on this one.

A friend of mine has asked me to install his amp into his 03 Montero with the Infinity stereo system. Now I have installed many stereo systems in cars but never just an amp to a factory system. I pulled out the radio and ,of course, no RCA jacks to run from the stereo to the amp. I did see a simple harness that basically just ran power to the radio. Then I saw the factory cd changer cable that went no where as he does not have the changer. Then I saw another cable similar to the changer cable & realized that this must run back to a factory amp. Sure enough, I traced it back and found the amp behind the interior panels on the passenger side.

Question is, can I install another amp to run to a couple of subs on this factory setup and if so, how?

Thanks in advance for your help.
2003 Dodge Stratus R/T Sedan, Silver
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