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Re: Plans for Shelby Forum...

Originally Posted by dougger222
Just so you guys know Carroll Shelby modified several turbo Dodge cars in the mid to late 80's. All the cars were modified in his Whitier California Plant, Shelby American Inc. Keep in mind Carroll owns all of the fallowing cars numbered 1 except the 88 CSXT.
The first was the 1986 Dodge Omni GLHS (Goes Like Hell Some more) Carroll has mentioned his #1 car with 492 horse is his favorite car! 500 made.
2. 1987 Shelby Charger GLHS 1,000 made.
3. 1987 Shelby Shadow CSX 750 made.
4. 1987 Shelby Lancer 800 made.
5. 1988 Shelby Shadow CSXT (Thrifty car rental) 1,000 made.
6. 1989 Shelby Dakota 1,500 made.
7. 1989 Shelby Shadow CSX-VNT 500 made.

Carroll also put his name on some 30K+ Shelby Chargers but none were converted by him or his company during the 80's. He also put his name on 15,000 1987 and 1988 Daytona Shelby Z's and several thousand Daytona Shelbys during 89-91. He also had his name on a few thousand 88 and 89 Lancer Shelby's.

Very recently Carroll showed up to a SEMA event in his #1 89 CSX-VNT!!!
Just to make some corrections so no one is misinformed...

The 1989 Shelby Dakota doesn't have a 1500 production number it is 1475.
Carroll allowed Dodge to put his name on the Charger and Daytona, and Lancer. In 1990 Shelby was to release a 16V DOHC turbo intercooled CSX, sadly this never happened. There is one CSX that is truely one of a kind.

The Carroll Shelby 65th Birthday Car. This one is the mother of all Shelby Dodge's. 1 of 1, unique to why it was built and not another like it. This car is currently in the Houston, Texas area owned by James and Cindy owners of who specialize in the performance support that this niche market needs. I own 1987 Shelby CSX #674 and im one of three Admins at same sign in and all. Ill be around im sure
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