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Re: Plans for Shelby Forum...

Chris, This is mustangwizard. We have been building a 70 Shelby GT500 (CLONE) convert
(Superstreet) for the last 4 years. We Nascar tubed the front end . Running a Rod & Custom
Mustang2 R&P.steering setup. The Shelby front end
has been made into a 1 piece ,fliptop front end, like a Cobra Daytona. We bought ol Shel's Alum. 427 stroker motor with a 2x4 intake so we could run a
Pro Charger supercharger running 12 pounds of boost. We have a custon blower hat with a 4"intake made from a Cobra oval air cleaner with 2-660's inside.
The rear was tubbed as mush as we could and with Myier fender flares, we are running 15.5"x 15"
Hoosier Pro-streets on the Currie 9"rear end which
was shortened 4" running a 40 Spline ,Detroit locker,
3,25 R&P with a full coil-over, 36" ladder bar set up
to let the girl hook up. The batteries ,32 Gal. ATI fuel cell, CSI fuel pump & filter are in the trunk!
Gas filler was moved from the stock location to the top of the pass. fender with a locking ,flip top gas lid.
What we need is a 427 Pulley setup for our car as ProCharger doesn.t make a blower setup for a 427 at all. We were thinking if we could buy the Pulley setup Shelby is putting on the GT500E . We need it for a blower,Power steering, Alt., & AIR CONDITIONING. We will use our blower hat !
PLEASE HELP us out so we can finilly get the girl on the road and at some Shelby meets!
Thanks again,
John & Becky Davis
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