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Thanks for your help. Both posts are much appreciated.

Barry, I think you may be on to something there. The car is a 1993 Renault 19 RN I 1.4 5 door hatchback. My mechanic does not know what the problem is, but has replaced the distributor cap (same problem) and then told me it could be the starter.

I then took the car to someone who reconditions starters and he told me that the starter is not at fault as the engine is turning over.

I haven't a mechanic bone in me, but I trawled the internet and the conclusion that i came to was the Crank Angle Sensor (as did you) due to the following information on some Renault 19 site:

Problem: Car will crank until the battery is flat and if you either wait 5 mins or get a jump it starts as normal.
Solution: Crank angle sensor is dirty, or faulty.

Is there any way I can easily rule out the Crank Angle Sensor, or fuel pump or ignition switch easily that you know of?
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