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G-Tech runs:

To add to the above, I showed Brandon my newly-purchased G-Tech, which I realized I forgot to turn on during our races.

I decided, I'd do some runs on my own, and see what my car is capable of, measured by the G-Tech.

I went to the access road running parallel to the freeway near my apartments. Since it was nearly 2 AM, I just merely stopped in the middle of the road, with a somewhat straight run ahead of me. I never got another run in, because just as I got done with my run and went down a street to come back around, I saw a couple of cop cars, and didn't want to push my luck. I'm just lucky I don't have loud exhaust that they would've heard.

I had a shitty launch, anticipating and spinning too much, but this is what I got:

Anybody that knows the G-Tech knows that the thing cannot be NEED a full quarter-mile of acceleration to get any reading.

Here's my mph:

Took these as I was parking at my apartments. I left the G-tech blinking it's numbers so I can take these shots.

From the G-Tech site:

Why is my G-TECH/Pro consistently 2-3 mph above the track?

"G-TECH/Pro is a very accurate machine, and the trap speed result that you get from the G-TECH/Pro is actually more accurate than the racetrack. Reason is that the racetrack averages your speed over a 60 feet stretch between two beams and G-TECH/Pro measures your speed at the exact 1/4 mile point."

So there.
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