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Thumbs up carrrnuttt vs. 90redgt and Brandon (90redgt) met up tonight at about 1 AM to get a couple of runs in.

To start off, Brandon has a 1990 Mustang GT with the following mods:
(I copied it from your sig, man)
-BBK equal length headers/H-pipe w/cats
-Flowmaster 50 series
-Edelbrock Intake
-3.73 gears
-BBK 65mm T-body

I have a 1992 Sentra SE-R with these mods:
-Ignition timing advance
-Generic cone filter (Installed yesterday)

We met up at a Mobil next to a Hooters.

Here's our very red cars:

My camera's shitty, and didn't realize I cut-off Brandon's

Anyhow, we decided that I'll follow him to his side of town, where he knows of some quiet places to race in. We figured we'd catch a light, and go from there.

1st race: We got on the freeway to head to his spot, when we got on, I decided a freeway run would be in order. I got next to him, and yelled: "freeway run!!" (all our windows were down). So I signalled that I'd count down. I honk three times and we go. I got a slight jump, but he stayed even with his front bumper at my front wheel. I let-off at about 100, with some light traffic approaching ahead. He says I won, but I'll call that even. We started at about 70mph with me at my strongest gear, third.

2nd race: So we find a quiet traffic light, with no traffic around us, in an almost desolated spot in North Phoenix. I told him to do the count this time, and he honks three times. I chirped a bit, signalling a good launch. His torque + gears had him jump by half-a-car on me. Amazingly, That was as far as it went. Brandon got on his brakes at about 90+, on my speedo, with me half-a-car behind.

3rd race: Immediately after the 2nd race, we just kinda coasted, giving each other the thumbs-up. I slow down and kinda yell at him that we should do it again right then and there. So, we stopped right in the middle of the street, with Brandon doing the countdown again. This time, I had a somewhat shitty launch and spun way too much. He got a car jump on me this time, which his shift to 2nd increased to about two cars. That is where it held, until we both had to slow down, due to the fact that road was merging.

We just sat and chit-chatted for a bit talking about our cars. Brandon says he believes me, when I say that I beat-up on stock GT's, considering he does too, with his mods. I just hope Brandon gets to see this and post before he leaves for Army training on Monday.

I must say, you were cooler than I thought you'd be Brandon, especially for a Mustang owner.

Well, that's my story...hope everybody enjoys.

P.S. Brandon's car sounded awesome!

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