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Re: Re: 06 Honda Ridgeline

Originally Posted by pik_d
yea, the ridgeline starts at $27,700, and 1/2 ton trucks of chevy, ford, and dodge all have roughly 50lb-ft more torque, when looking at the model that is between $27,000 and $27,699, and 4WD. sure, the honda has 20hp over the ford and dodge, but thats really not important...

the ridgeline is also 500lbs lighter then the dodge and chevy, and like 1400lbs lighter then the ford (supercab longbed) at that price point...
$27,700 I haven't seen it start for less than $32,200 at any dealership. As far as chassis strength goes I'd pick a Dodge, Chevy, or Ford any day! The new F150 is easily the best truck on the markey now with the Nissan Titan a close second. Notice you didn't mention squat about the Titan or Tundra? I see in your mind it appears to be Honda VS the evil americans. I'd line a Ridgelins against all five other "fullsize" trucks and all five would out do it any day. You wouldn't catch me paying $30,000+ for that elevated car. That is important right now.
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