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Re: Anyone own one?

I had a Silver XJ220 (no: 398) for about 18 months and covered 1000 glorious miles. I sold it in 2002 for 84,000 after having paid 119,000! Not very good econimical sense. It was a very impractical car to own. Noisy, poor visibility, dreadful to tackle in London (only did it once), brakes were poor. It's cornering however was simply amazing, like being bolted to rails. Speed and acceleration - well more than any normal driver could coope with.
Be very, very wary of cars that have little or no mileage. The fuel tanks are the biggest liability and other parts suffer too when the car is stored as a museum piece. You can end up with a very hefty bill, as Bonhams found out when they sold one at auction in Geneva about two years ago (2002) that had come out of long term storage.
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