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Re: P0521 & P0523 - Malibu 2013 2.5

SOLVED!!! But not without a back story.

As I said, the shop changed the oil pressure sensor but the high pressure and light kept coming on, so they told me. I had no reason to not believe them because I too changed the sensor leading me to believe it was something else. My idea was, oil pump fail and was willing to go that route until the shop offered to change the ECM/ECU whatever. Both ideas were expensive. So I declined.

Picked up the car, check engine light on with 58 OBDII codes. Clearly a crazy error and deleted them all. Drove it around, picked up some groceries, got home, checked the oil etc etc... plugged the OBDII again, ran the oil pressure test... and... Well I'll be damned! 25 - 40 psi!!! In other words NORMAL!!! WOOWHOOO!!!

Why was I recommended a new ECU? I don't know. The lesson? Change your own oil if you can or make sure you don't get the bulk oil. Be wary of Dorman parts, AC Delco for GM or Denzo. Beware of shops trying to scare you into spending more money - Patience.
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