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Re: P0521 & P0523 - Malibu 2013 2.5

Just got a call from the shop. Get ready folks, they recommend replacing and flashing the ECM $400 + $350 labor.

I told them no and recommended to replace the oil pump to which the shop foreman / technician admitted that they saw the same information on the net but figured that probably wasn't it. Two things from that exchange: 1) certified mechanics are searching the net for information just like the rest of us and 2) they will always recommend the most expensive option.

I reminded him that I originally asked for an oil pump but decided to let them do all the diagnostics because, well why not? I could've missed something? I don't have the fancy equip they have, so I am willing to eat the cost of re-doing the diagnostic AND new oil pressure sensor.

So far, I'm in the hole $300 (2 $50 oil pressure sensors + 200 labor). Let's see this oil pump.

Anyway, they are going to replace the oil pump which is cheaper than getting and flashing a ECM.

If that doesn't work, I'll take it else where. I don't believe in throwing too much money in ONE shop. But let's see.
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