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P0521 & P0523 - Malibu 2013 2.5

As the title suggests, those are the codes thrown out by car. I believe these showed up a month, more or less, after an oil change from an oil place.

After seeing a few videos and reading a few boards, I changed the oil pressure sensor, as well as oil & filter; I did this myself with the good stuff. Sadly, after clearing the codes and disconnecting the battery for good measure, the codes returned - vengeance!

The codes returned but now the car began to sputter and stall. Perhaps the weather conditions didn't help, it was a rainy day. As an addendum to Murphy's Law, everything wrong with a car will be manifested on a rainy day. Slow traffic, whippers going full blast, defrost... car stalls... car shuts down. I realized that putting the car on neutral caused the car NOT to stutter or stall, so that's what I did and made it home. But I digress.

I plugged the scanner and it is detecting two contradicting positions: 1) an oil pressure 120 - 140 psi and 2) oil pressure switch low. with an alternating oil pressure control solenoid valve on/off.

I'm leaning towards replacing the control solenoid and oil pressure pump, any thoughts?
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