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Re: John Bean May Tire matic tire changer cone‏

I never did find a good cone for it, I still have it in the corner of my shop. It seems every person I have talked to has the same problem and is looking for a cone. I actually have the original cone but the threads are completely worn away. As you are most likely aware of a cone from a Coats 20/20 machine is to large for the screw but I was thinking about trying to find a nut with the same thread pattern as the machine and welding it to a Coats cone. I know its not the best way to solve the problem but the machine would only have occasional use.

What shape is your tire machine in? I actually got mine off the back of a scrap metal truck and was on its way to be sold for scrap. The shop that used to own it went out of business and wanted it gone. With the exception of the cone it is complete and in good working condition.
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