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Cool Re: Bias Ply T & F!

Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
True, but if we say "all other things being equal", it's a mixed bag. Please be aware that the definition of "handling" is not the same as traction or grip. Handling means the "feel" - AND - if the tires are otherwise the same, a bias tire has a softer transition at the peak traction point.

False. Toe-in is not the thing that determines how predicable the handling is - except to say that toe-out leads to a more unpredictable condition.

I think vehicles need negative caster for straight line stability regardless of the type of tire.

True, but that particular property has been dialed out of modern radial tires, so it isn't as true as it once was.

Ok. #2. was based on my readings that,
given the same vehicle, putting bias-ply
tires on a car with alignment specs for
radials resulted in a white-knuckle driving
experience. The writer stated that on his
car at least, radials needed very little toe in,
but the bias plies needed at least 1/6" toe
in to achieve the same feel.

#3. Do you know which caster is which?
Negative = axis leaning forward(toward front
of vehicle), and Positive = axis leaning
backward. For the last 40 years, at least,
the vast majority of vehicles have called for
POSITIVE caster(from half a degree up to
seven degrees depending upon purpose
of vehicle). For reasons I never quite
understood, a lot of cars from 1960s and
earlier speced negative 1-2 deg caster,
and they were from the bias ply era.
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