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PA System for my Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor

I have a retired crown vic police intercetor and found an old cb radio. The radio has a PA setting and a PA out jack. This gave me an idea. Why dont I use the existing mounting holes in the dash to mount this cb radio, get a loud speaker and then, get that much closer to impersonating a cop.

I do have a few questions. First of all is this legal to do as long as I dont use the PA system while driving?

Secondly does the cb radio probably have it's own amp or would I have to get one?

Lastly what loud speaker would be good for somthing like this? I plan on mounting it under the hood. I found this 112db speaker. Would that be loud enough to be heard from a distance if it's being muffled a bit by the hood and whatnot?

Of course I would not use this to impersonate a cop because that would be illegal
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