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Re: a question about appropriate puncture repair

Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
It is unclear what was wrong with the first repair. The video you referenced is from the Tire Industry Association - a US based tire organization for tire dealers primarily known for its training programs. This video appears to be for that training purpose and I think you can consider it authoritative.

However, the video not only shows the right way to do a tire repair - as well as several examples of improper repairs - and it is not clear which you are pointing to.

However, I am sure you can figure out from the video what is a proper repair and what is not.
Thanks for your reply. The first repair lacked the rubber stem filled within the injury channel to protect the steel cables from corrosion. The repair concluded in putting a single stick patch on the hole at the internal tire's surface. The correct method of repair was finally established at I've already said, however what concerns me at the moment is whether its normal repairing the same puncture twice using different methods (removing the old stick, and using the buffing wheel on same surface to make it smooth again). I mean, does it harm the tire, and performance and more important - safety. I mean, wasn't it better leaving the prior repair the way it is, nor replacing the tire to a new one. I did what I especially because only "mushroom" repair is legal in my country + as it is explained in the video, it is better and safer. Thanks.
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