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a question about appropriate puncture repair


unfortunately I had puncture in one of my front wheels.
I went to the wheel service and the employee has fixed the puncture (located on the crown) by sticking a simple patch stick within the tire's internal surface.
as it is explained in the following video:
the hole must be filled with a rubber stem preventing water and moisture entering the body of the tire. (something that reminds a mushroom). (as far as I know it is the only way of repair that allowed by law in my country).
as far as I was disappointed from the inproper puncture fix, I went to another service, and in order to do so the employee has removed the patch stick and and prepared the surface the using the buffing wheel, then sticked it to seal the breach from inside.
I wonder if it was ok to do so since it has to be made by the "mushroom" at first place and whether it doesn't make additional damage or any danger by the second and the additional repair. Thank you.
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