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New Powerful Subs installed Too Much Trunk Rattle

Hi welcome everybody to my thread. Ok so today i have just installed my new car subs into my i.mpreza. They sound good inside the car, but outside there is a bunch of annoying trunk rattle. I had tried tightening the number plate but its not doing anything. I think its because each sub is pushing 1500 rms and they are 12s its hard not to avoid this problem.

Now i have done some reading and found this website have a look car audio stop trunk rattle. I only just discovered that there is something called dynomat, this silverly peel on thing. My question is it worth the money does it really work. I never looked into sound deading until today when i took a massive jump of power from a cheap 300 watt sub.

So people all suggestions and opinions would be helpful and thanks in advance.
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