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Front End Clunking in Steering Wheel

Hello all,

Just purchased a 2002 Ram 2500 5.9 4x4 Regular Cab. When the steering wheel is turned to passenger side and I hit a bump I feel a clunk in the steering wheel. No noise, just the feeling in the steering wheel. I popped off the tire and checked for play from side to side and up and down. No play what so ever. All solid. I would think my ball joints ans bearings are ok then...but where is this clunking coming from? Next I thought of the track bar? But the truck is steady on the road no wondering or wobbling.. Possibly the shock? The truck has 52,800 miles on it, so right about time to change the shocks anyhow. Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this..and if it possibly is a characteristic of the truck...being a normal issue. Thanks..
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