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Re: 97 Ram 1500 5.9 4x4 No Spark

Ok so my diag and research has led me down a few different paths. There was a possiblity that either the crank position sensor or cam position sensor could be causing my problems so I went ahead and replaced both. The ASD relay is quickly engaging and disengaging when I turn the ignition to the run position. I tried bypassing the relay with jumpers and can get voltage to the coil, but still cannot get fire out of it. I was thinking this could be do to one of the sensors not working but that apparently is not the case. I've tested the coil multiple times and cant see why it would be the culprit, but I may just go ahead and replace it too. I hate to just throw parts at the problem as it is wasteful, but with out codes to go off of (there are no codes), or a scan tool that can communicate with various sensors, I don't have a whole lot of alternatives. I have also read about a power splice near the ASD relay, but cannot find any splices that are related to this problem, all splices are under the fuse box lid in the engine compartment, and all splices have to do with unrelated fuses. I can't figure where to check the PCM ground at but would like to explore that option as I've read it can cause problems too. Are there any other things that will cause the ASD relay to disengage (open contact)? Is there a chance the coil is bad even though it tests good? The IAC valve kicked this whole thing off and I've looked over the wiring to it, there is no shorts or corrosion. Not to mention that an engine should still run with the IAC disconnected. Any ideas?
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