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Unhappy 2005 Sierra 1500 Wacky Voltage Gauge

One owner 2005 Crew Cab 1500. 65,858 actual miles. VIN 2GTEK13T251106263.

Voltage gauge indicates extreme voltage readings (19v+), but checking voltage at the battery with engine off is 12.22 volts. Checking voltage at the battery with engine running is 14.28 volts.

Worried the hell out of me for a while, but I've been using the truck with absolutely no electrical problems for several months now.

Should I continue to ignore? That'd possibly bite me come sale/trade-in time.

What should I look for to remedy this problem?


Giff Kucsma

I would include pictures of the gauge readings but the Forum keeps telling me that .jpg and .png are not valid image formats.
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