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Re: knock sensor problems

Originally Posted by aeljr52
Does anyone have a problem with their knock sensor? My X is running terrible and the diag.reads knock sensor malfuntion. Could anything else but a defective KS cause the code to come up. I thought that if there was water in the gas causing it to run rough that maybe this could cause the code to come up. If I do have to replace it is it a difficult job? I've also heard of bypassing it with resisters. Is this common practice?
Standing by waiting to see if I have to replace it. Can't drive it like this.
I had the same problem on my 2002 xterra non super charged. My light came on for the knock sensor. Only thing I did was to tighten my gas cap down, and the light turned off after 3 driving cycles. I hope this helps you. Also try some shell midrange gas, my light never came back on and I'm back on reg shell.
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