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Yamaha YZR-M1 2004 1/12 Tamiya

There is one thing missing from my "photo-report", that is the painting of the parts, but I can say that I used Tamiya TS51, generic black for the frame, and and brushed the smaller parts with Tamiya acrylics.

The clutch was detailed by drilling it, and placing some pieces of tubing in there.

Now the front brake calipers parts.

And now for the engine. I added some parts to it that I molded in putty, and also some more details.

Some more small parts I made. First with a small piece of styrene and a small piece of sprue I would begin the brake adjuster for the left handle. And after that some other parts that go in the back of the bike.

The clutch linkage was replaced by a metal aftermarket piece (sorry for the blurry picture).

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