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Re: No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00

Originally Posted by lockeed View Post
This morning, I was trying to find the cause of my low voltage... I cleaned both battery post and the terminals... Still voltage is in the high 11V range and now I have the battery sign lit up in the dash...

I'll try to get an output reading on the alternator tomorrow......
Not ABS. Theres one sensor for 'ground speed' that goes to speedo, one for tranny, one engine rpm input.

The rev sensor gives square lo/hi pulses - which are painful to observe on digital multimeter display. You need a oscilloscope; however, my bet is that what you see means the sensor is alive and well enough.

Your alt and/or batt has been dying... Causes listed in my CDomain alt section, click below, theres also a writeup for 2k2 maxima alt swap. Pls read. As stated, the alt may be intermittently floating (loosing ground contact) and frying voltage regulator thus ruining battery with 20VAC or over. Repair/swap alt ... extra gnd cable between alt shroud and chassis gnd is one good solution not to repeat the problem.

Its not first time I hear low voltage supply making tranny ctrl go haywire. This is why (look my first post) every-any-whatever troubleshooting starts from charge voltage check - ridiculously missing in the confuzean flowcharts...

Maxima INFO pages was deliberately trashed (!?) by Cardomain; dont goto

There was a special Car Electronics -page
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