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Re: No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00

Originally Posted by lockeed View Post
Couple things noted during the procedure described in the previous post by Nahkapohjola.
"Yes, my O/D light do light up for 2 second when you turn the ignition ON. (What does that mean ??)
-- self diagnostics passes through. It runs every time ign is turned ON. All the problems that factory nerds could think of some 15 yrs ago, seem to be ok... However, they could figure out only 5% - and thats optimistic.

"I did all the test appart from the TPS one, as I didn't had a vacuum pump...
-- Also this procedure is in most cases unnecessary. Here truly not needed.

"The ground terminals are OK. There is voltage at pin 28 (altought it's pretty low, 12.05V. I think by battery is gone...). There is continuity between pin 25, 48 and ground.
-- Ground test is imperative. When engine off, that voltage is ok. If engine is idling=charging, there should be 13,5V minimum or the TCM may behave erratically. What is the voltage att battery while idling? Does revving change that reading?

"Now, with the ignition switch OFF (as stated in the procedure), I was not able to get a resistance reading between pin 10 and 13. I tried to turn the ignition ON and then I did get a reading of aprox 100Ω. (NORMAL?? Error in the procedure??)
-- its the LAMP resistance. All the FSM procedures are done by imbeciles and are over 95% useless: if you see the lamp, then no need to test if the lamp is ok. Huh!? (Note: I just cut a large chunk off the manual, edited, pasted above)

No wonder they charge gold at stealership service; all these japanese confuzing bow down procedures hog 95% of the effective troubleshoot time... You pay 95% for rituals: Cheaper, as effective is to open da hood, give horses (engine) sun tanning therapy. However, if there is a specific known fix to do, it may be feasible to let a stealership do it - just demand all 'used parts' afterwards, and tell that I'll inspect em

Maxima INFO pages was deliberately trashed (!?) by Cardomain; dont goto

There was a special Car Electronics -page
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