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Re: No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00

Originally Posted by lockeed View Post
Actualy, I just brough the car back from the cotage tonight - so I just did 40 miles in 2nd gear!

Man I really tought I had found my problem tonight when I took off the splash guard behind the left front wheel, to get access to the revolution sensor on the tanny... There was a ground wire with a plug at the end hanging loose just beside the suspension. This wire was connected to a terminal under a bolt, on the side of the transmission housing. I put a new terminal on and re-installed it... Erased the code via OBDII, disconnected the battery for 30 minutes... then went for a test drive... same thing again... no 3rd gear...

Couple things I noted on the way back... Trans just don't want to get into 3rd. (and 4th off course...). When I'm in 2nd gear, if I take the O/D off, the transmission disengage and the engine revs... Putting it back ON locks 2nd gear properly again.

When going down hill, if I let the trans in D4, the rpm will just fall back to +/-1000RPM. If I take off the O/D then, there's a little bit of compression/decelaration from the engine which rev up a little...

One other thing, I checked the revolution sensor before bringing the car back tonight - there was some sort of oil on it and very small metal residue (like on the transmission pan magnets...). I cleaned it and reinstaled.
If it was poor pwr delivery (bad gnd etc), it would affect all gears. Same with rev sensor...

Every startup the TCU runs self diagnostics - any codes? Likewise, TPS diag can be run via TCU diagnostics...

When rev sensor fails, engine drops into 'safe mode' = 2200 rpm ceiling.

Every gear is controlled via the A/T computer signals. Go verify if the signal pins go up when the 3rd gear should engage. If it does, tranny is possibly mechanically broken (clutch for 3/4?) - as your solenoid pack seems to work...

In the tranny theres also the ctrl valve assembly which might have a jammed/blown seal. At least in my 3gen one could take the valve assy out while tranny sits in place, see illustration. (But then whatdoIknow)

I built a led 'panel' to troubleshoot intermittent kickdown problem, soldered into harness signal wires: each gear displayed by a led. See linky.

Maxima INFO pages was deliberately trashed (!?) by Cardomain; dont goto

There was a special Car Electronics -page

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